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Support. Care. Knowledge.


We provide everything from personal and family consultation, workshops and information sessions, group support sessions and specialized exercise classes.


Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services to clients at all stages of the life cycle, from children to seniors, and their loved ones.


We welcome calls for information and assistance - connecting with schools, workplaces and the community.


Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre

Our Team

To contact any staff members, please click on their names  to send them an e-mail or contact the office at 250-475-6677. 

 Zuzanna Szkudlarek - Executive Director  

 Zuzanna started off her career in the world of nonprofits, with an undergraduate degree in International Relations (York University), with the understanding that the types of changes she wanted to make in the world, began at the grassroots level. Since then, and for   the next 18 years, she has devoted her professional, academic life as well as her volunteer service to the non-profit sector.  “My great passion is to build partnerships between people, organizations and ultimately the community.” Zuzanna is currently a MEd   candidate, in Leadership Studies (University of Victoria), which is largely focused on leadership, learning for social justice and community development. “I strongly believe that through support, care and knowledge, which are central to Headway’s mission, we can all truly achieve peaceful, whole, and meaningful lives.”

After working and volunteering with human service, environmental, art, and most recently, higher education agencies, Zuzanna came to HeadWay because she wanted to make a difference for people living with chronic health conditions. “I want to help break obstacles and barriers and create chances for social inclusion and growth.”

In addition to being Headway’s newest team member, her true loves are her soccer loving teenagers, a challenging and wild hike, and a great life adventure, not always in that order. 

 Maureen Matthew - Parkinson's Program Coordinator

 Maureen has been serving people with Parkinson’s at the agency since 1989. She describes her work with those affected with Parkinson's as a profound experience in courage and compassion. She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree with a specialty in   geriatrics.Maureen has worked in all sectors of adult and senior care from VIHA acute care hospitals to care facilities to home support agencies and in volunteer community non profits. Her background in the health care system enables her to assist clients   to understand how to communicate effectively with health care professionals. She has attended an endless array of Parkinson's professional conferences and studied a great deal about all aspects of Parkinson's management from medical to self care to caregiver support. "But more than any other source, my training in Parkinson's has come from those we serve". 

Maureen chose to become a social worker out of her childhood journey with her mother's severe catatonic schizophrenia. "In addition to the trauma my mother experienced, I saw the profound impact of her illness on all of us. I watched my father struggle with burnout as he cared for her and raised 3 kids. I am grateful for the lessons about love I have learned through my family of origin." 

As coordinator, Maureen provides information and support to people with Parkinson's and their families through professional consultations. There is so much potential to live fully in spite of Parkinson's. "I watch people's faces light up when they see their potential to cope with Parkinson' see where thay can impact their condition in positive ways". She conducts workshops, coordinates support groups and develops programs that meet priority needs defined by clients and families. Her key question for you is "How can I be of service?" 

 Shannon Oatway - Community Outreach & Communications Coordinator

 Shannon graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design in Visual Communications majoring in Photography. For the next twenty years she worked at the Calgary Herald as a staff photojournalist and loved every minute. Documentaries were a   favourite. Some of the most memorable moments were photographing the Canadian U.N. in Croatia and Bosnia in 1994 during the Balkan Crises, returning a short time later to cover the refugees living along the Adriatic coastline in Croatia. A few years after her time in the former Yugoslavia, Shannon travelled to the Middle East and worked closely with the Red Cross, documenting life in the Occupied Territories as well as covering the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Independent State of Israel in Jerusalem.
In 2000 Shannon left the newspaper to pursue freelance opportunities in editorial, corporate and events photography.  During this time Shannon developed significant marketing and advertising skills through continuing education programs at the University of Calgary and through hands on experience promoting her own successful business. Some of her clients included Imperial Oil, CMHC, The Institute of Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy; Alberta Research Council, The Canadian Learning Foundation, Wine Spectator, The Globe and Mail and the Canadian Geographic Magazine.
Shannon made a career changing decision to pursue Communications and enrolled at Royal Roads University where she received a certificate in Professional Communications in 2013. Since then, Shannon has honed her skills at other Non-Profits in similar positions.  She is keen to bring her varied skill set and enthusiasm to raise awareness and education around HeadWay’s many worthwhile services and programs.

 Tania Fritz - Donor Relations and Office Coordinator

 Tania is a born and raised Island Girl having spent most of her life and career immersed in our island communities. Having recently come off a career change from the high stress world of Television News, Tania reassessed her goals and values and started looking for what she most wanted to do in this next stage of life. While on that path she found the wonderful world of non-profits.  “Being able to put all your passion and hard work into something so meaningful and important to the members of our   community is so rewarding.”  She currently works for 3 local non-profits part time but it is her work at HeadWay that she finds so rewarding. “Getting to meet and learn about all of our amazing clients here at the Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson’s Centre has been so amazing. Hearing their stories and seeing how they support and encourage one another is utterly inspiring!”

You can find Tania in the office Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm.

 Ilyanna Weeks - Outreach Worker

 Ilyanna graduated from The University of Calgary in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology and in 1992 with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. Most of her work experience has been with children and teens with emotional or   behavioral  issues. Ilyanna’s community involvement includes co-founding the Pandora Arts Collective Society, working at the Women in Need store, and co-founding and acting with a local theatre group.

In spring of 2015 Ilyanna came to Head Way to branch out and learn something new. She began working at reception and now primarily supports the Outreach programs for epilepsy and Parkinson’s by keeping in touch with our members. Ilyanna is also taking on the coordination of  volunteers. Ilyanna brings to HeadWay her team spirit, passion for learning and skills for connecting with people from all walks of life.