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We provide everything from personal and family consultation, workshops and information sessions, group support sessions and specialized exercise classes.


Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services to clients at all stages of the life cycle, from children to seniors, and their loved ones.


We welcome calls for information and assistance - connecting with schools, workplaces and the community.


Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre

Caregiver Support

Parkinson's or epilepsy can impact the lives of families in powerful ways. We support families in understanding these health conditions and in developing coping strategies that help them care both for themselves and their affected loved ones. We serve families through individual consults by phone,email or by appointment. We also conduct workshops specially designed to address the family needs.  We also offer caregiver support groups, peer connections, quality resources and community referrals.  Please contact our office for information about what services and supports may suit your needs at 250-475-6677.

Family Cargivers’ Network(FCN),
a Valuable Resource

We are truly grateful to family volunteers who have set up peer support groups locally. It can be magical
what happens whenever people with a common experience come together to share and learn from one
another. There are 2 local peer support groups for family members of those with Parkinson’s. Whether
you consider yourself to be a caregiver, a care partner or a family member, we know that Parkinson’s can
impact on the lives of loved ones as well. We also know that 24/7 responsibilities can put family at risk of
burnout. Much has been written about the need for self care among all family who live with Parkinson’s.
This is easier said than done, especially for natural caregivers who tend to focus on the needs of others
before their own. Please contact Maureen Matthew at the agency 250-475-6677 or
if you would like to be referred to either of the following groups:

Parkinson’s Care Partner Fellow Group meets on the third Friday afternoon of the
month in Victoria. This long standing group is a cherished source of support by many. Much appreciation
goes to the dedicated caring volunteer facilitator and group founder, Monica Shepherd.

New Parky Partners Group meets on the last Wednesday afternoon of the month in Langford.
Thanks to Barbara Warnock and Bev Patterson for launching this brand new group in the Westshore.

Community Health Program – Island Health Region

The Community Health Program provides a variety of clinical staff and supportive services to enable
individuals with health-related problems to remain independent in their own homes. Individuals living
at home on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and other communities in BC, as well as hospitalized
individuals outside the South Island area, who require health care services in their home, are initially
assessed by a Registered Nurse from the Central Intake program. Anyone in the community can refer to
Central Intake by calling the General Inquiries Line at 250-388-2273, 1-888-533-2273. Individuals in
South Vancouver Island hospitals who require continuation of health care services in their home upon
discharge are assessed at the bedside by a Home and Community Care Hospital Case Manager. Hospital
clinical staff will refer individuals to the Case Manager. Potential services include: home support bathing
and dressing as well as respite care, adult day programs and care facility services.

Note: A reminder that The Family Caregivers’ Network in Victoria is a wealth of quality information &
support including quality online and by phone programming. Please call 250-384-0408 or visit their website