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Epilepsy and the Law


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BOOK - Headway Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre has just published an important new book for individuals living with seizure disorders entitled ‘Epilepsy and the Law: What are the legal rights of a person with epilepsy in British Columbia?” The book, which was funded by a grant from The Law Foundation of British Columbia, provides useful information on job accommodations, driving restrictions, housing, custody issues, insurance, and other areas of the law with which individuals with epilepsy may run into.

“This book is a valuable resource to the approximately 40,000 individuals in BC living with epilepsy, along with police, lawyers and advocates,” says David Medler, president of VEPC. “Too often people with epilepsy face legal problems due to others’ misunderstandings of epilepsy. This book goes a long way to help people understand epilepsy and the rights of those living with the condition.”

The book can also assist employers who are obligated to provide accommodations to employees with epilepsy, an issue VEPC receives numerous questions about. As the book points out, the duty to accommodate is the obligation to meaningfully incorporate diversity into the workplace.”

The new book was written by now Master of the Supreme Court of BC, Heather MacNaughton. Prior to joining the Court MacNaughton was Chair of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and was therefore uniquely qualified to research and write the book.

Individuals can download the booklet here or contact the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre at (250) 475-6677.