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Support. Care. Knowledge.


We provide personal and family consultations, workshops and information sessions, group support sessions, and specialized exercise classes.


Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services to clients at all stages of the lifecycle, from children to seniors, and their loved ones.


We welcome calls for information and assistance - connecting with schools, workplaces and the community.

Support Groups

HeadWay has a number of ways for clients, their families and friends to connect with each other. There is no substitute for real-time, person to person interactions. We have an amazing community that supports and celebrates one another. Register in advance with Deirdre 250-475-6677 or email for any of the following groups or clubs. 
Please note: if there is a group that you would like to attend but cannot make it in person - we have conference calling and video conferencing available. Just reach out to Deirdre ahead of the meeting and she will set you up.

Adults Group

Runs monthly on the second Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

This group encourages adults living with epilepsy. Participants are encouraged  to share personal stories that empower and give encouragement to individuals to move forward in their lives with hope and optimism.  Participants also often use this group to collect ideas to solve a particular issue they are experiencing.

Youth and Young Adults Group

Runs monthly on the fourth Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

This group welcomes participants under 30 who are interested in creativity and fun. Participants may meet out in the community, play pool, go to a movie or simply chat.

Parents Group

Runs monthly on second Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 pm at Pearkes Recreation Centre

This group welcomes parents with children with epilepsy, AND parents who have epilepsy. This group focuses on sharing stories, acknowledging issues, making suggestions, and building a community of support. If you are considering having a child, this is also the group for you!

Children’s Group

Runs monthly on second Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 pm at Pearkes Recreation Centre

This group welcomes children with seizures. Participants focus on connection and play. Connections are built in hopes that children establish life-long friendships with other children who experience seizures.

First Nations Group

This group welcomes those First Nations participants who are interested in a group with a First Nations perspective. We are pleased to welcome Shane Baker as the facilitator for this group. Shane is Metis and Wilp Gwininitxw of the Lax Gibuu – the Wolf clan of the Gitxksan. He’s a proud Indigenous man living in Victoria who serves his community in ways, including by working with youth and those with addictions.

Please note that First Nations participants may join any and all groups that interest them. This group is for those who want First Nations connection and perspective as part of their journey.

Family – Friends – Neighbours Group

This group welcomes neighbours, friends, and family to meet, share stories, learn more about seizures, and connect with and support each other.

Caregiver Group

This group welcomes those who are caregivers for people with epilepsy. Share ideas, go out together in the community, and connect with and support each other.

Online Group

This group welcomes those who live too far away to attend our groups in person, or those who simple prefer an online format.  Join us through Zoom!

Facebook Group

This group welcomes those who prefer to communicate through social media.  Join a chat, post interesting research or share advice in this online format.

Walking Group

The group welcomes all those who want to get out and walk, but would prefer to do it with someone else. 

Social Group

The group welcomes those who want to get out into the community and do something fun.  Possible outings include movie nights, dinners, going for coffee, going to a park, or anything else the group decides to do!


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