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We provide everything from personal and family consultation, workshops and information sessions, group support sessions and specialized exercise classes.


Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services to clients at all stages of the life cycle, from children to seniors, and their loved ones.


We welcome calls for information and assistance - connecting with schools, workplaces and the community.


Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre

Upcoming Programs/Workshops


For information about upcoming programs and workshops
please contact Lindsay Beal  at 250-475-6677 or by email.


A new workshop:

A Naturopathic Approach to Epilepsy - HeadWay teams up with Acacia Health


We all know that nutrition is critical for all of us, but what exactly is nutrition? Do you think of meat, potatoes, rice and vegetables? Do you think of vitamins and minerals? What else does the science of nutrition involve? Find out from those who specialize in nutrients and nourishment as treatments – naturopathic doctors!

Dr Pam Hutchison & Dr Stephanie Bayliss, from Acacia Integrated Health Clinic specialize in neurological conditions. Of course, we are each unique, so our nutritional needs may differ, but there are general principles that can be addressed through group programs. We are excited to announce A Naturopathic Approach to Epilepsy with Dr. Stephanie Bayliss and Dr. Pam Hutchison. This small group workshop is designed for optimal learning. You will learn about the most common naturopathic treatment plans for people with epilepsy and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity.

Wednesday February 28, 2018

Time 6:30pm - 8:30pm

HeadWay 202-1640 Oak Bay Ave.

$20 advance registration fee can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Subsidized rates are available if requested.

Contact the agency at 250-475-6677 to register.

For further information: Call or email Lindsay Beal (



Parkinson's and Epilepsy Personal Medication Education Service
With Dr. M. Gheis, Neuropsychiatrist

New Parkinson’s & Epilepsy Medication Review & Education Consult Service Medication management of neurological conditions can be complicated and lead to unanswered questions. Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Mohamed Gheis is volunteering his time to offer a one-time consult medication review and education service to our agency clients.


You are eligible for this service if:

• You would like a one-time session with Dr. Gheis to help you to understand your Epilepsy or mood related treatment options better
• You have a treating physician who will both authorize this service and be responsible for any follow up treatment ideas.
• You are not currently experiencing a mental health crisis.


• We will require your treating physician’s authorization.
• Eligible clients will receive one appointment only.
• One hour appointments will be booked on one Wednesday each month.
• You will be scheduled for an appointment at HeadWay’s office 202-1640 Oak Bay Ave.
• You will be asked to bring a list of your current medications 
• Dr. Gheis will send a follow up report to your physician directly
• To request an appointment or if you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Beal, the project coordinator, at 250-475-6677 or via email to