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Support. Care. Knowledge.


We provide personal and family consultations, workshops and information sessions, group support sessions, and specialized exercise classes.


Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services to clients at all stages of the lifecycle, from children to seniors, and their loved ones.


We welcome calls for information and assistance - connecting with schools, workplaces and the community.

Continuous Q & A

We will post answers to any questions we receive. This page will continue to be updated as new questions are asked. 

Q: Am I a voting member and if not how can I become one?

A: If you did not receive a mail-out letter recently, then you are not considered a voting member. If you would like to be considered a voting member, then you can submit a letter to the Board of Directors detailing your history with the organization and your reasons for seeking voting membership. The Board of Directors will review these on a case-by-case basis and will make a reasonable effort to have them reviewed in a timely process, but cannot guarantee that they will be reviewed before the upcoming July 6th meeting. You can email your letters to our Executive Director ( ) and she will pass them on to our Board of Directors for review.


Q: Will the HeadWay name remain?

A: PSBC has committed in principle to keep the Headway name for a period of at least 6 months after the transition. After the 6 month period, PSBC will begin to shift branding to the PSBC name.


Q: Will there still be a physical presence on the island?

A: PSBC has committed to keeping a physical location in Victoria. The current plan is to remain at the existing Oak Bay Ave office location through to the end of the lease in 2021. After this period, they have discussed moving to a more centrally located office location in Victoria. These post-lease plans and discussions are continually ongoing and will be confirmed in the future.

Here is HeadWay Board President Reg Beniac with video responses to questions from HeadWay clients:

Q: Will services be affected by the transition?

Q: Why PSBC?

Q: Why PSBC and not another option?

Q: Where will services be located?

Q: What happens after the transition?

Q: What happens at the July 6 General Meeting?

Questions about membership:

Questions & answers from the Town-hall meeting held on June 23, 2020, that was attended by the Board of Directors from HeadWay and PSBC.

Here is a list of the questions and answers provided by the HeadWay Board.

Video recording

Questions & answers from the Town-hall meeting held on March 2, 2020, that was attended by the Board of Directors from HeadWay and PSBC.

Town-hall Meeting Q&A March 2, 2020